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About Us

Who are we

INTERPRODS has been in operation since 1986, starting with four staff members and initially supplying technology solutions exclusively to the gaming industry.

INTERPRODS showed rapid growth and met the demand for cash handling equipment in other industries. The company now employs over 200 staff in across all 36 states and eleven satellite branches countrywide. It continues to have a strong footprint in the Banking industry, with on-site technicians at several of the banks to ensure 24 hour support for their cash handling processes.

INTERPRODS, a market leader in terms of the size of its stockholding, is in a strong position to import the best equipment available on the market and with a ready supply of stock available, can offer shorter lead times to most of its customers.

What we do

Money makes the world go round for INTERPRODS (International Products), specialises in the supply and maintenance of cash handling equipment throughout Nigeria. Wherever there is money to be counted or validated, in any industry, INTERPRODS has probably supplied the equipment. From the machines that check, sort and count coins and bank notes, the drop to safes installed at the Central Bank, NSPMC, to and Commercial Banks. INTERPRODS supplies equipment as well as components and after sales service.
State-of-the-art cash handling equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and accurate business processes. With the right equipment in place, companies are able to increase security, eliminate the risk of fraud, ensure accurate till audits, increase efficiencies and implement considerable cost savings.

INTERPRODS sources the best of what is available globally and imports to Nigeria.