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Branch Banking

INTERPRODS is the Local market leader in automatic coin and bank note processing solutions.

Note and Coin Solutions

INTERPRODS supplies note counters, coin counters and scales to all the major banks, as well as to the
majority of other banks, operating in Nigeria.
Not only does INTERPRODS offer a full range of desktop counting products for the retail back office, it has also developed several cash operation solutions including:

  • Cash deposit solutions
  • Cash recycling solutions
  • Tube systems
  • Note and coin counting/sorting solutions

Our range of desktop note counters have authentication features that ensure notes loaded into ATMs are genuine.

Another new innovation is our coin redemption system. This enables shoppers to deposit their hoarded coins in return for a redeemable voucher. This has added value for the retailer who now attracts more feet into the store and does not have to order in coin floats.

Cash Centres

Depending on the cash centres particular requirements, INTERPRODS offers a range of strategic services and products, including automated solutions for high speed counting, sorting , validating as well as separation of foreign, counterfeit and ATM fit/unfit notes.
The majority of cash centres in Nigeria use a variety of our equipment such as the Kisane range of spread/fitness sorters and a wide range of coin sorting and sachet packing systems are installed countrywide.

Teller Automation

Cash optimisation is improved at the teller position by installing teller cash recyclers which are able to accept and pay out notes leaving the tellers free to concentrate on serving the needs of their customers.This results in shorter waiting times, accurate counting and automatically recorded transactions which are linked to the banking system.

Self Service Banking

Solutions include:

  • ATMs
  • Coin and note acceptors (both lobby and through-the-wall)
  • Coin and note dispensers.
  • Cash Centres